Here are some middle fingers I collected over the years. Thanks to everybody who posed with me after the completion of a nice job. 
A shoot in bulgaria with a lot of pussy
This one was about healthy food
Lena who is just the coolest
this one was for cosmetics that will make you live forever...."wanna live foreveeeeer"
Orange Juice with real people in Denmark
Chocolate bars in berlin
My good looking agent 
The amazing Balbina
The Team after an Ivy Video. Love those fingers.
Lena in my studio, who knits her own sweaters
Sometimes I only get my finger barely in frame
Some "OLD" Talent
A really cool boyband. Some of the most energetic middle fingers so far
My favorite designer Esther
Atheist Shoes
IVY again
leather Fashion
and More Fashion
some beauty stuff that a Shampoo brand liked.
MAKE UP tutorials with a great actress
NATALIA, MY OLD FRIEND, who never visits ever except for a middle finger
and more MAKE UP
Back in the day when the sports world was still okay.
BEAUTY in cape town
TV Stuff for german TV
An editorial in Berlin AT A HIGH SCHOOL for girls
sometimes this is the reaction i get.
Fashion with a supermodel...and i had to get punished
beauty in my studio
Lingerie in MUnich. She was catholic 
this is what i think about paying GEZ.
Fashion for old people
LIngerie for 70s anchor women
THIS was for computers and windows after my beloved character Joe Dirt
a BEER commercial with a great guy
a berlin EDITORIAL....before the magazine went banKrupt. 
a editorial for a turkish mag
a cover for fhm....and then they went bankrupt. i guess i got that skill.
Barbara at the berlin Fashion week
a very nude shoot at the old amusement park
More fashion for old people
a turkish of my first. it was still a democracy then.
fighter jets and swedish middle fingers for fhm
sometimes men, too.
another fhm thing. i think it was girl of the month.
copenhagen design week
cataloge fingers
my first soap star in lingerie for fhm.
if the actor is cool enough, i am fine with doing thumbs up instead
the very first one to myself....I think 2001. Look at that hair.