Despite the Scandinavian name, I am only 18% Danish. The rest is from Palatine, where the Riesling grows and from the north sea, right behind the deik.
Especially as a teenager, my energy always came from somebody telling me "No. That's not possible" Nothing gives me more of a kick. That is why I always start with "let's shoot 35!"
While I age like a good wine, I learned to turn that rebellious spirit into a genuine interest in people. They deserve to be listened to. And if we want to sell them something, they deserve to be touched in return...or at least entertained.
After I got some film schooling at the HFF Munich, I went to NYC where I assisted numerous fashion and beauty photographers and lived a poor mans sexy life. I met some great mentors. Back in Berlin, I founded my studio in Kreuzberg in 2009 and have been shooting TVCs and music videos ever since, as well as the odd album cover and portrait. If you want to see my photography, I have a website for that. While I would shoot anything from cheese to toothpaste in the beginning, I now focus on visual impact and storytelling. Sometimes my work involves cars and ideally it is a little funny. 
I taught Photography and Film for the Berlin School of Popular Arts  and for Al Jazeera in Qatar when the world was a bit more peaceful. What happened? Do you know?
Finally I like to add that I am experienced with shooting remotely from Berlin in China, but also live in person, wearing a red hat.