Despite the Scandinavian name, I am only 18% Danish. The rest is from Palatine, where the Riesling grows and from the north sea, right behind the deik. With my kids, who I love very much, I live in Berlin. 
Besides film, I spend my time with boxing, therapist training, snowboarding, wine and a  funny initiation cult I joined.
I went to high school in Belleville, Canada. After I got some film schooling at the HFF Munich, I went to NYC where I assisted numerous fashion photographers and lived a poor mans sexy life. I did meet some great mentors.
I founded my studio in Berlin in 2009 and have been shooting TVCs and music videos ever since, as well as the odd album cover and portrait. Often times I shoot a commercial and the print campaign together.  If you want to see my photography, I have a website and insta for that. 
My work involves cars,  unscripted portraits from the heart and ideally a little humor...becaue I am funny fella.
I taught Photography and Film for the Berlin School of Popular Arts  and for Al Jazeera in Qatar when the world was a bit more peaceful. What happened? Do you know?
Finally, I like to add that I really enjoyed shooting car commercials remotely and on location in China and of course all over Europe. Whoever brings me back to Canada to shoot will get a very old bottle of wine from me.